I am a sniper with a recon unit in the United States Marine Corp. I have had the privilege of shooting a custom HDSA rifle. The first thing I noticed was the light weight, stout, yet maneuverable rifle in my hands. Very well balanced and easy to handle. An especially nice touch on the hand guards. The flip up sights are a nice touch. Very sound execution in the manufacturing process of the upper and lower receivers. I Love the custom Cerakote job that was done for this rifle, but prefer the standard black as we like to paint our own to match the terrain.

The rifle came with a Magpul adjustable stock and pistol grip, which is a nice addition to an AR. It has a more robust lower than your average AR with heavy squared off lines like the area that houses the front pivot detent spring and area around the bolt release/lock. Also there is a left side magazine release making this function ambidextrous. Inside the frame is thicker with quite a bit more metal on the sides and back area for improved durability.

Have you ever been aggravated with your AR when the upper and lower start to wear a little making for a less than tight fit? Companies have come up with expandable pins for the rear upper as well as the little red rubber Accu Wedge, which all help in this area. HDSA did one better, they put a spring-loaded adjustable detent in the lower right under the rear locking pin tab that keeps constant spring tension on the upper. As the unit wears, it can be adjusted to keep the tension as it should. The end result is no more rattling upper and lowers.

I topped this one with an ELCAN illuminated reticle scope that can be used for close quarters, as well as handle long shots all in one sight. I was planning to use the gun for 3-Gun competition and the ELCAN helps with those close and long-range rifle shots in the same stage. Guess what?

The rifle is quick to work around obstacles like barricades and windows making it a nice 3-Gun choice, and of course it would make a great close combat or home defense weapon. The shorter barrel is better for retention during searches and working barricade stages and still accurate enough for the long shots.

Being in the military and loving to shoot is a fun job for me. I love the time that the staff of HDSA takes to help with the customization of the weapons. Very knowledgeable and friendly. They didn't even try to talk me into buying something that I didn't need, which was nice. I will continue to support them because they support the military and law enforcement.

Mike U.S. Marine Corp


Eric Santhuff

I recently purchased a custom rifle from HDSA and I can’t be happier! Price was great. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. They answered all my questions and ensured I had everything I needed. I would highly recommend this company.

Eric Santhuff Maj,/USMC