AboutUs-2High Desert Sporting Arms is a manufacturer of firearms and weapon system components for civilian, military, and security clients. Like our clients, HDSA is made up of a multicultural team of men and women with different social, political, religious, and economic backgrounds.

At HDSA, every single component is selected for its quality and durability. It must be the best there possibly is, or we will not use it. We construct each rifle as if it were going to combat. Each part, from springs, to barrel nuts, to the coating, is selected to provide the most strength and most weight reduction possible.

The CEO created three simple concepts for HDSA

  1. This is not my rifle, this is yours. Don’t run a part someone tells you too, run what is comfortable. Run what fits your hand. You have many choices for quality parts, here they are. What best meets your needs. And this is how they work.????
  2. Oil can make or break your gun. Everything works when it’s clean and cool. How well does it work when it’s hot and dirty? Can it sit dirty and contaminated and still work over and over again?
  3. Don’t cheap out on your optics and mounts. Your sights get you there. Never sacrifice quality for price savings.

The CEO came into this industry with a couple of parts and no money. He changed the store policies and created a new way to engage clients. Teaching. Explaining. Letting the client have options instead of “here buy this because it works for me.” At HDSA, we provide product information, not biased product reviews because of what we like and dislike about someone else’s product. Not every person is the same, and every client has different needs. This is our specialty Customization. High Desert Sporting Arms will provide you with a rifle that can go to combat or have some fun at the range. The bottom line, it must work: in any condition, in any weather, in any place on the globe. Everything we build has to be ready to go out of the box – – somebody’s life may depend on it.

Each of us that assemble these components understand the severity of quality control. It cannot be sacrificed for money, time, or simple laziness. We at High Desert Sporting Arms are thankful for our rights and thankful for the ability to grow from nothing to the company we are today. There are no boundaries in the right to protect yourself or to pursue your own individual happiness. Where there is free will by mankind, there will always be an evil that tries to take it. Our rifles will provide you the necessary tool to protect you from them. God bless the United States of America and all of her children.